​​​​​​Our private waterfall tours are tailored to your skill level. Do you want a long hike? We have them. Are you looking for a big pay-off without too much hiking? We have that too! The best part is, regardless of your physical ability, we can get you up close and personal with amazing waterfalls. This is more of an adventure than your standard tour.  

Before the tour we'll pick you up from where you're staying. After we'll drop you off where we found you or we're happy to drop you off somewhere else in the Asheville area. If you want to see more of Asheville, get a drink, or some food after your tour, we can get you there! If you're unsure about what to do with the rest of your day, ask us for help and your local tour guide can offer some suggestions.

Please be sure to wear proper clothing. To elaborate, If your tour has some hiking involved, please make sure you wear good sneakers or hiking boots. If it's going to be cold out, make sure you're wearing enough layers. If it's hot, wear clothing that will keep you cool. 

Our private tours include trail snacks & water.  We can also cater to any special requests for a lunch menu and beverages.  Call us to set up your personal menu before your private tour. 

​Book here or call us today at 828-595-0266 for your personalized tour. Trips run 7 days a week and year round! We always call you a few days ahead of your tour to confirm hiking preferences for waterfalls.

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Asheville Waterfall Tours Facebook Link